pumps, pumping, pumped
1) N-COUNT A pump is a machine or device that is used to force a liquid or gas to flow in a particular direction.

...pumps that circulate the fuel around in the engine...

There was no water in the building, just a pump in the courtyard...

You'll need a bicycle pump to keep the tyres topped up with air.

2) VERB To pump a liquid or gas in a particular direction means to force it to flow in that direction using a pump.

[V n with adv] It's not enough to get rid of raw sewage by pumping it out to sea...

[V n prep] The money raised will be used to dig bore holes to pump water into the dried-up lake.

[V n] ...drill rigs that are busy pumping natural gas...

Age diminishes the heart's ability to pump harder and faster under exertion.

3) N-COUNT: oft n N A petrol or gas pump is a machine with a tube attached to it that you use to fill a car with petrol.

There are already long queues of vehicles at petrol pumps.

...gas pumps.

4) VERB: usu passive If someone has their stomach pumped, doctors remove the contents of their stomach, for example because they have swallowed poison or drugs.

[have n V-ed] She was released from hospital yesterday after having her stomach pumped. [Also be V-ed]

5) VERB If you pump money or other resources into something such as a project or an industry, you invest a lot of money or resources in it. [INFORMAL]

[V n into n] Services for the elderly and disabled will necessarily be cut unless the Government pumps more money into community care.

6) VERB If you pump someone about something, you keep asking them questions in order to get information. [INFORMAL]

[V n about/for n] He ran in every five minutes to pump me about the case...

[V n about/for n] He must have pumped Janey for details...

[V n out of/from n] Stop trying to pump information out of me.

7) VERB To pump bullets into someone means to fire a lot of bullets into them very quickly. [WRITTEN]

[V n into n] A gunman burst in and pumped five bullets into her head.

8) N-COUNT Pumps are canvas shoes with flat rubber soles which people wear for sports and leisure. [mainly BRIT]
(in AM, use trainers)
9) N-COUNT Pumps are women's shoes that do not cover the top part of the foot and are usually made of plain leather. [AM]
(in BRIT, use court shoes)
10) PHRASE: V inflects To prime the pump means to do something to encourage the success or growth of something, especially the economy. [mainly AM]

...the use of tax money to prime the pump of the state's economy.

11) to pump ironsee iron
Phrasal Verbs:

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